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Avernish from the woodland walk viewpoint above Nostie. Our house is in the lower centre left, obscured by the trees.

Address:  5 Avernish, Nostie, near Dornie, near Kyle of Lochalsh, IV40 8EQ
Satnav Co-ordinates:   Latitude: 57.278157, Longitude: -5.566824 (Note the minus sign)

Please note that at present we are not taking bookings for bed and breakfast. We are thinking of running the business in a slightly different way this year - as a kind of retreat centre - but details have yet to be worked out.

Phone:   +44 (0)1599 555 266 (home)      +44 (0)7754 224 904 or 07379 554 340 (mobile)
Email:       or         Skype:   albroun


come and go as you please ~ have breakfast as late as you like ~ use your room during the day ~ the longer you stay the lower the nightly rate ~ expert help with planning your day's activities



Although originally from the Lowlands of Scotland I always yearned to live in the Highlands, and when I became proficient in IT this gave me the opportunity to do so around 14 years ago. Since 2005 I have run my own website business, specialising in promoting and marketing websites, and website consultancy, though my main interests are actually theoretical physics, astronomy and philosophy, and walking in the countryside.


I enjoy working in the B&B, including the cleaning and washing-up etc., and sometimes engaging in stimulating conversation with guests about the fundamentals of existence! I also have a very good knowledge of the local area and provide guidance and advice to guests on where to go each day based on their interests, and based on the weather forecasts, the latter being highly localised and highly variable.


Apart from the beautiful scenery I also draw inspiration from the music of composers such as Haydn, Mozart, Mendelssohn, Bruckner and Arvo Part. I also enjoy various forms of modern celtic and world fusion music.

Don't worry, the weather isn't always like this. (Picture not taken at Avernish!)



I am of Irish/German origin and I love exploring the beautiful and ancient areas of Scotland. Even the ruins of a bothy captures my imagination. I like to spend my time exploring the shores for discarded treasures, sea shells, beautiful stones, etc. I use them in crafts such as wind chimes, stained glass pieces, sculptural elements, jewellery and ornamentation. In addition, I enjoy doing traditional Japanese sumi painting, knotted bead work, celtic knot work and illuminated manuscript reproduction.


I enjoy vegan and vegetarian cooking using, where possible, local, organically grown ingredients. I believe that food is medicine, and that we need to include as many colours and certain foods/types of ingredients in our menu every day.


I look forward to meeting you in this beautiful area.

Drumfearn, Sleat, Skye

Patricia at Drumfearn on Skye, looking for artistic inspiration

The house seen through some trees just outside the garden

The house seen through the trees just outside the garden at the side

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